Bazingaman is a Bitcoin based Revshare

There are several ways to grown up, but it is constructed to work on a long time
and not to be tomorrow a millionaire, thats really not possible

Systemstart 11-01-2018

Before the systemstart you are able to register and learn how it works.
The earnings will start on the 11-01-2018, once a day there is a poolrun.

Different to other revshare programms

We give a fixed earning every day, not like other programms telling you 'up to'
and getting day by day less percent. We give you a minimum of 1%daily.

Earning money

You are able to earn money in a different way, also without paying any BTC to the system,
because the system generates the money from advertisement,  housing, rentals and
promotion of profit-sharing companies, so there is no risk for you, because you have not to invest.

Welcome present

Every partner who register on will get 0.001 Bitcoin in his account,
so he is able to buy a Start AdPack without paying in anything.


There are 3 kinds of Membership, None, Semi and Profi,
None will be able to buy the Start and Bazinga Adpack normally
Semi will be able to buy all 3 adpacks and get a plus of 0.5% earning each day
Profi will be able to buy all 3 adpacks and get a plus of 1% earning each day

Means Semi and Profi will be faster finish there AdPack and be able to buy new one

Free gets a RefBonus of 3-2-1 [Level1 = 3% - Level 2 =2% - Level 3 = 1%]
Semi get a Ref Bonus of 4-3-2  [Level1 = 4% - Level 2 =3% - Level 3 = 2%]
and Profi gets 5-4-3  [Level1 = 5% - Level 2 =4% - Level 3 = 3%]

for each package there Partners bought without the Start Adpack, because it is a System present

Membership Days Price Referal + % Earnings + % Cashout every
Semi 360 0,02 BTC 1 0,5 14 days
Profi 360 0,04 BTC 2 1 7 days

Repurchase rule

Each Adpack will work with a repurchase rule of 50-50, means 50 % to the balance, 50 % to the repurchase,
only balnce is be able to payout

Name Price Ads Directory Daily Maxreturn Max Pack
Start 0,001 100 100 1% 200 1
Bazinga 0,005 500 500 1% 120 100
Bazingaman 0,01 1000 1000 1,50% 150 100

Great News

For example,  if you have the SEMI membership and a Bazinga AdPack you will get daily
1% + 0.5 % [SEMI Bonus] = 1.5 % daily till 120 %

More information comming soon...